Pickup or delivery

Sushi Shashi ToGo specializes in pick up or delivery only.

Our customers can easily enjoy sushi made with the freshest ingredients at home.

Have you ever wondered how long it takes for fish to go from the fisherman to your plate? In every restaurant, an intermediary wholesaler delivers the fish to the restaurant, and then the restaurant prepares and serves it to customers.

We ensure the delivery of the most delicious sushi to our customers by air freshly caught fish from the Sea of Japan, East sea and using special technology to keep it fresh. Our dedicated chefs craft sushi with the utmost skill and precision, using the finest ingredients we supply.

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Future plan Timeline


Starts 2 locations

The main store and partner's restuarants start. By the end of 2023, 15 partners plan to join us.


100 Locations

Sushi Sashimi ToGo will open 100 locations in Maryland and Virginia.


300 Locations

Sushi Sashimi ToGo will open in multiple states.


500 Locations

Sushi Sashimi ToGo will open in West Coast and Esat Coast locations.